surgical disposable gowns



disposable Surgical gowns are PPE commonly used in health care. They are also using during aseptic surgery to protect medical staff and patients, effectively isolating the spread of bacteria and viruses. Disposable Surgical gowns are used by surgeons and the surgical team for many types of procedures. Our blue surgical gowns are breathable, create a protective barrier, and provide full body coverage for the surgeons, also suitable disposable dental gowns and for all health care providers.
Provides full body coverage.

Closed back, neck tie closure, elastic cuffs.

Keeps dust and chemicals off clothes and skin.

Long Sleeves & Knitted sleeve cuffs.

Waterproof and prevents blood splatter.

Minimizes cross-contamination during surgery

Provides protection from common dirt, viruses, dust and grime, minor splashes and particulates.

Tri Laminate Non Woven Fabric

Test Criteria: Spray Impact < 1.0g, Hydrostatic Pressure > 20cm

CE Approved. Our disposable hospital gowns have been manufactured to EEA standards, and are used by hospitals, medical facilities and health professionals.