If you are looking for a reliable base coat that adds shine and protects your nails, your best choice is JL Professional Top Base Coat!

Here are the top features of the product:

· No cleanser needed
· Add shine to all glitter and gel colors
· Protects your nails
· Short curing time set at only 2 JL Professional Top Base Coat does not require any cleanser. This fact makes the entire process easier and it saves you some money. We are proud to state that we always have our customers’ benefit in mind when creating our products.

The base coat is used to secure that your nails remain healthy and protected. JL came up with a special formula of ingredients that will strengthen your nails each time you apply it. We are aware that you want only the best when it comes to beauty products and we ensure to deliver. This coat will not only keep your nails healthy, but it will also add shine to all glitter and gel colors.

Our Top Base Coat is of professional quality and suitable for use in salons. However, the affordable price also makes it suitable for individual users. The process of using the product involves simply applying it to your nails, which means that even beginners can use it effortlessly. You will get an 8-ounce (15ML) bottle which is enough to apply the coat multiple times.

Our superior bond formula was designed to make cure time as short as possible. Once you apply JL Professional Top Base Coat, you can cure it under UV or LED light for just two minutes! That means there is no time wasted as the curing process is considerably shortened.